You guys do amazing breakdowns of the logistics, science, and theories behind industrial supply chains, economics, markets, etc (the world of atoms), iirc due to extensive first-hand experience.

I'm baffled that you don't try to understand how this blockchain stuff works before publishing articles like this. It can be very complicated for beginners, but have you tried talking to Circle, or any market makers, prop desks, or large funds that actually use USDC?

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Try typing in $usdc on twitter (I doubt many if any ppl do).

I noticed some very strange, identical transactions from a bot that monitors whale transactions. Several $1.2mm conversions of $usdc to $usdt. ????? Money laundering? Someone cashing out of crpyto? Probably an explanation for these transactions specifically.

In any event, none of this stablecoin crap makes any sense.

I do also think that $usdc is going to be a lot tougher to crack, if it is fraudulent. You've got Goldman Sachs types for Coinbase. These are different level ppl from the clowns with Tether and Deltec.

The crypto bubble might pop before anybody cares about a few billion $usdc here or there...

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