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Tether is the scam that will destroy Bitcoin. Wait and watch.

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pure piss.. short the peg then on open market LARPer

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Holy cow....

I don't get how, in our modern environment, more people aren't pursuing physical things in local communities. There's so much chaos and instability.

I mean, just an off the top list of things that could go sideways and send the system crashing down

Foreign war

Domestic unrest

Pension issues

Repo market

Oil prices

Supply lines

Fires, food, drought, storms, etc

Dollar reserve status

I mean, the percentage of these problems occuring is above 0. So what if tax code incentivizes you to invest in stocks, real estate, etc. At this point, there's plenty of disruptive, one to five man businesses popping up that could use cash, that would likely be willing to take investors if you went through the effort. Yes, it's harder, it's messier, but when national and global stuff breaks down, wouldn't having a few local investments be worth it?

I don't know, just the musings of a philosophical blue collar business owner. I don't pretend to understand investors, because the decisions they seem to make don't make sense to me at all.

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Excellent article!

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Let's not forget that their website is a wordpress blog, their "audits" are snapshots (not average balances) and their Auditor's website's root domain isn't even configured (goes to a parked page, with a self-signed SSL certificate)

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I'm surprised this isn't front and center on all crypto-centered publications. Every day, I think about selling my coins because I suspect USDT will completely blow up and when the magic money printer stops, the USD(T) values of all cryptoassets will come back down to earth.

How do you think this is going to play out?

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My thoughts exactly. I'm expecting BTC to top out within a few months and I'll be getting out of it and most of my other cryptos, while hoping the nature of the "proprietary secrets" of Tether stays secret for that long. Maybe I'm a fool. Every speculator thinks he can get out near the top.

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