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What is Doomberg Pro?

Each month, we record a “Doom Zoom” session for our Doomberg Pro premium tier members. These sessions feature a presentation from the Green Chicken or from an invited guest.

Our past topics have included “State of the Energy Markets” (periodically updated), “The Alternative Energy Landscape: Pros, Cons, and Opportunities,” “Fulcrum Technology: A Deep Dive on Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS),” and our year-end “Year in Review + 2023 Outlook.” Past guests have included Jim Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, Steph Pomboy of Macro Mavens, and Mike Green of Simplify Asset Management.

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May 2024 Session

We were delighted to invite nuclear expert Mark Nelson, Founder & Managing Director of Radiant Energy Group, as a guest for our May Doom Zoom session. In State of the Atom 2024, Mark walks us through a global tour of the nuclear renaissance by country with special emphasis on China, Russia, India, Canada, the US, and the UK—an amazing 95-minute session.

Pro members can access this presentation at the link below.

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