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New England is an Energy Crisis Waiting to Happen

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No Planet for the Apes

Magnesium, P.I.

California Ditzkrieg

There’s Not Enough Oil

How to Brick an Entire Economy

Herbie Spoils the Party

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What If Electricity Were Free?

Have Fun Staying Cold

DOOM ALERT: Crisis at the Port of Vancouver

The SEC Crackdown on DeFi is Imminent

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Coking Coal Has a Branding Problem

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Greenpeace is a Physics Denier

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The Work of My Life: September 2021 Report

Let Them Eat Pizza

What Does Price Mean When There’s No Supply?

The Windmill That (Almost) Spoiled Supper

Is This Finally It?

American Colleges and Universities Are Doomed

We Are Running Out of Some Stuff

Coinbase Gets a Wells Notice

Is Uranium About to Go Nuclear?

Tether Goes Full Ponzi

The Work of My Life: August 2021 Report

America’s Energy Strategy is Bonkers

Most Unmarried SPACs Will Be Left at the Altar

Super Stonks! Uber

3,170 Miles

The DOJ’s Crypto Dragnet is Bigger Than You Think

Super Stonks! AMC Entertainment Holdings

If It Pecks Like a Chicken...

How the Fed Printer Goes BRRR

The Work of My Life: July 2021 Report

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Super Stonks!

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Credit Where Credit is Due

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A Stablecoin Applies to Become a Stonk

Explaining Xi’s Crackdown on the Chinese Tech Sector

Why Are Cows Sacred?

Chicken Nuggets: Crypto Follow-ups

The Work of My Life: June 2021 Report

China’s Achilles’ Squeal

A Drunken Saylor

Golden Deception: The Fed’s Balance Sheet is Wrong

We Are About to Run Out of Some Stuff

El Salv-a-Door

This Post is Transitory

The Silver Squeeze is Working – Part II

Oil to $300?

The Work of My Life: May 2021 Report

A Crypto Field of Dreams

The Silver Squeeze is Working - Part I

A Test, Attest (Potato, Potahto)

Coin Printer Go BRRR

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